Back Button Gesture Launcher

Back Button Gesture Launcher 3.3 (418 KB, you can also download it from Xiaomi App Store, )
Released on Oct 28, 2018
- New System functions "Search" and "Voice command", can be used by gesture or inside App Launcher
- New App Launcher option "Add new items"

Windows Controller

Windows Controller Setup (400 KB)
Released on 2013-09-25
  • Fixed the problem on applying commands on minimized window
  • - Released on 2013-06-15. Fixed the crash of application on startup if "Always On Top" preference is set. Fixed the problem on restoring (undo) a window's position and size if the restored window is in maximized state. - Released on 2013-05-30. A few minor changes, and bugs fixed. - Released on 2013-04-26. A few minor bugs fixed. - Released on 2013-02-05. A few minor bugs fixed. - Released on 2012-12-22. Fixed the problem on uninstallation while the application is running. - Released on 2012-12-18. Fixed the problem on moving the window up or down to the other window edge. - Released on 2012-12-05. This major version release added 15 preset commands to move or resize each edge of the active window making it align to other window edges. - Released on 2012-11-01. Optional to show the shortcut key for each command in the command list. - Released on 2012-09-28. The first release.


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    Back Button Gesture Launcher (Android)

    Unlimited no. of custom multi-swipes gestures (single tap supported). Use gesture to open apps, app shortcuts (e.g. Contacts + someone), perform System functions (Back, Home, Lock screen, ...) and Special functions (open built-in App Launcher, App Switcher, Capture screen,...)

    Built-in popup multi-pages App Launcher, can launch apps, app shortcuts, and some of System and Special functions.

    Built-in popup App Switcher, likes Taskbar on Windows, shows currently running apps, it's movable and pinnable, supports up to Android 9.

    Switch to last active app, likes Alt+Tab on Windows, switches between two most recent running apps (exclude those closed), supports up to Android 9.

    Capture screen, supports JPEG output file format which speeds up the process and makes the file size much smaller.

    Try before buy. Try the app up to 2 weeks with ALL features enabled, no ads.

    Safe to use. This app requires minimal set of permissions, the Paid Edition is even more secure as it does not require Internet access permission to validate the trial license.

    Android 9 ready. The app has been tested with the developer release of Android 9.

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    Windows Controller (PC)


    Windows Controller lets you to use keyboard shortcut key (the hotkey, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+K ) to execute a set of commands which can set the active window's position and size to custom values; move or resize each edge of the active window making it align to other window edges; and execute some Windows actions.

    Align to other window edges

    There are 15 commands to move or resize (extend or shrink) each edge of the active window making it align to other window edges.

    Windows action commands

    Windows actions executed by hotkey includes Maximize or restore, Minimize, Undo Minimize, Move, Size, Always on top (toggle), Mute (toggle), Decrease or increase the master sound volume, Start default web browser, Start screen saver, Lock computer, Sleep, Log off, Restart and shutdown the computer.

    Create your own commands

    You can add new “custom” command to set the window's position and size to custom values. Come with the installation includes 14 custom commands like maximize window width or height; center horizontally or vertically or both, and etc.

    Create and update command on the fly

    Active window's position and size can be saved or updated on the fly by using commands "Save as a new command" and "Save to an existing command", without the need to enter the values manually.

    Multiple undo and redo, and self undo

    Changes made to the position and size of the window could be multiple undo and redo by using commands “Undo last command” and “Redo last command”. Custom command even supports optional self undo that is the second consecutive of the same command applied to an active window will undo the previous command resulting in restoring the window back to its original position and size.

    Commands export and import

    Commands can be renamed; changed its order in the list; exported to and imported from a file.

    Support multiple monitors

    Multiple monitors configuration is supported.

    Both English and Chinese user interface

    User interface supports English and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional).

    Windows requirement

    Support Windows XP or newer version of Windows.


    USD 7.99 per license (for ONE specific computer only).

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    Windows Controller


    Why Internet connection is required to activate the license ? Is it required after the license has been activated.
    Why do I need to submit an email address for buying a license.
    How to press a shortkey key.
    What is a self undo command.
    How to use "Save as a new command".
    How to use "Save to an existing command".
    Difference between Close and Exit Windows Controller.
    Windows Controller is not immediately ready after Windows started.
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